Cinema 4D

Only in Lush Cinema 4D category. Its 4D private cinema. A 3D TV and the armchair with the unique technology DBOX that recreates the movements of the film. Much more fun in one place. We wish you a great movie and lots of fun!


1. Turn on the iPad

Raising the right arm of the chair you find the iPad that serves as control for the system. Just press the button to turn on the iPad screen.



2. Choose between 2D and 3D

Select, on the iPad, Movie List. You’ll see two options: 2D movies and 3D movies. The interactive armchair works for both options (3D movies also require the use of glasses). To return, use the Home icon at the top of the screen.



3. Choose your movie

Click the movie cover. Confirm that you want to connect the 4D cinema, choosing Yes and wait. The system will automatically turn on in about 5 minutes.



4. Order your popcorn

Call the front desk to request the movie and popcorn, which is courtesy of Lush.



5. Audio Settings

Select the desired audio and subtitle settings by navigating the iPad menu. After adjusting the settings click on start the movie. Also on the iPad, adjust the volume. Important: The interactive chair system is only activated in the 5.1 English Audio option.



6. 3D Glasses

The glasses are stored in the left arm of the armchair, just lift the cover of the compartment (they are sanitized and packed).




7. Recline a poltrona

Recline a poltrona para a posição desejada, acionando a alavanca na lateral do braço da poltrona, do lado de dentro.



Note: Lush reserves the right to charge at the exit for any damage to the equipment, or missing items. Ipad – R $ 1,800.00. 3D Glasses – R $ 60,00. Sound box – $ 600.00. 3D TV – R $ 2,500.00. Armchair upholstery – R $ 600,00