1. Cleaning

Our whirlpools follow a strict cleaning and sanitation standard. The tub is sanitized before each lease with specific products to eliminate germs and bacteria.

2. Tubing

The motor is self draining so all water is drawn from the tubing with each use, in addition, we use a product for sanitizing the tubing.

3. How to fill

The hydromassages are automated to avoid wasting water. They stop filling automatically when they reach the correct level. To avoid faults, do not enter the hydro while not completely filled with water. To fill use the taps: left hot water and the right cold water.

4. Water level

Only after being full is the motor released to be turned on. Attention, to start the engine, it is necessary to wait for the water to stop filling itself, because only then the level sensor releases its use.



5. Motor

Now just push the button and enjoy your relaxing bath!